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Ideal cleanness of apartments only with Elkerija!

Company MB Elkerija offers You one-time (periodic) or regular cleaning services.

If You want to celebrate your birthday or any other important event in the clean apartment but do not have any time or energy to clean it, we offer You one-time cleaning services. Our staff will make every effort to ensure that your celebration takes place in the really clean apartment.

If You are busy and there is no time for household but You would like to keep your apartment clean, we offer regular cleaning services to You. The fee of regular services will vary depending on the frequency of services. We offer the lowest price, if You select the four times per month apartament cleaning services.

In addition, You will enjoy Your clean apartaments in 2-3 hours, as the work will be done by the well-qualified team of Elkerija workers.

If you love to manage the house yourself but sometimes there is need in a “helper” - Elkerijos service "Household assistance" is just for You! Service price - just 9 Eur (without VAT) per hour.